SAT 1.14 | Ivan Smagghe | Craig Richards

Saturday 14th January
Blkmarket Membership presents

Ivan Smagghe (Kill the DJ / Crosstown Rebels)
Craig Richards (Fabric / Tyrant / The Nothing Special)
Taimur & Fahad (Blkmarket Membership)
Mike Khoury (Listed / Varsity Allstars)

Ivan Smagghe has been on the EDM map for over two decades now. Formerly part of the very popular electro outfit Black Strobe and label boss of the rock infused techno label Kill the DJ, Ivan stands at the crossroads between glamorous Parisian hype and musical integrity. The son of fanatical record collectors, music filled his days and dreams throughout childhood. In adulthood his infamous tenure at the Parisian Rough Trade record store was an initiation into a burgeoning French music scene that would in turn pay for his constantly escalating record habit. If there’s one thing that Ivan Smagghe has personified throughout his residencies at Bugged Out, Fabric, Mondo or Robert Johnson – it’s vision. His is a vision of darkly resonant sonics, antihero’s anthems and basement-shaking hypnosis. Ivan Smagghe belongs to a top table of DJs that journalists like to lazily describe as “The DJ’s DJs.”

Craig RichardsLong time friend of Blkmarket Membership, Craig Richards has realized worldwide recognition by staying in one place. His residency at Fabric is an unparalleled success. Each and every week he creates an inspiring soundtrack for the club, never the same and always challenging. His early morning sets are legendary. As an artist in residence and musical director for Saturday nights at Fabric, he is responsible for the inspired approach taken to programming by the club. Craig’s programming has been an inspiration for how Blkmarket has run shows in New York. Craig has also just recently launched his new The Nothing Special record label with the first release by Radionasty.

It’s been a long time coming, but this event marks the debut of Mike Khoury at Blkmarket Membership. You can be sure to catch Mike Khoury playing with Lee Burridge around the globe. Part of the Listed crew in San Francisco, Mike is also resident at the Chicago Varsity Allstars party.

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