Four Tips to Save Money on Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are versatile packaging options. They feature a unique combination of cushioning and structural rigidity, making them ideal for storage, bundling, and shipping. Corrugated boxes are available in a wide variety of options including in terms of board thickness, box dimension, flute type, joints type, moisture content, plies number, bursting strength, and weight of CFC. Their price tends to increase when they are being customized. Also, their costs are determined by the kind of printing and the number of colors. But, there are ways your company can save money on these boxes. Here’s how:

Understand your Requirements

A lot of brands stick to old packaging solutions. But, you can cut down costs by taking a step back and considering the present’s true requirements. Packaging tends to evolve with products. For example, if the main packaging has void fills, you don’t need cushioning for the secondary packaging. You can also reduce costs by opting for a thinner and more rigid corrugated box.

If you want to use corrugated boxes for primary packaging, you can also reduce printing costs. These boxes are mainly used for products like televisions, bicycles, laptops, computer monitors, and electrical components. Consider reducing the number of colors or shifting to cheaper printing technology.

Bundle Differently

When using corrugated boxes as secondary packaging, you may want to bundle differently to save a bit. Consider stacking the products differently or using an alternative void fill.

Know your Options

When it comes to corrugated boxes, you have many options to choose from and knowing them will help you weigh their pros and cons. After understanding your requirements, you may realize that you need a lower cost box instead of an expensive one. When doing your research, see how much you can save when you choose new boxes. This way, you can expand your budget more productively and customize the boxes. By customizing your boxes, you increase people’s awareness of your brand, add safety and warning labels, as well as add handling instructions.  Know your options at

Choose Corrugated Boxes with Standard Structures

Keep in mind that custom-sized boxes are more expensive than standard ones. But, you can still save money on them by opting for standard sizes and styles. Brands often use these boxes for packaging and fulfilling their general requirements. These boxes are available in both single-wall and double-wall variants. Their sizes range from 3” x 3” x 3” to 40” x 48” x 36,” depending on the vendor. In terms of styles, you can choose from regular slotted containers, telescopic boxes, and self-locking.


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