Here is How to Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO

Making the most of 301 redirects

The gist of the landing pages is to raise the conversion. While being on this, it is normal to change the page content or create new ones from scratch. But when you do this, you may lose the SEO backlinks, and this is not a good thing. To fix this, use 301 redirects when you create a new landing page. These redirects inform Google to pass any SEO value from one URL to another. This is done not to lose your backlinks when launching a new landing page. The best SEO Singapore agencies have a knack to make the most of 301 redirects and everything SEO as well.

Promote your landing pages and gain good backlinks

Apart from promoting your landing pages, it would be great if you promote them on the web by intending to gain more backlinks. High quality backlinks help in increasing the rankings of your website. When others are not willing to link on their pages, you can use other techniques for gaining their good links.

Optimize for speed

The loading speed is one of the important factors for SEO ranking. Fast loading pages rank higher than the ones with slower loading pages. For landing pages, speed is an important factor as it further leads to acceleration on sales and conversions. Make the most of the image compression tools for optimizing your images. Lessen the use of CSS and JS, make the use of a caching plugin, and don’t add videos to your website. Instead, embed it to your website.