Tips for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

There are many successful digital entrepreneurs who run shopping cart websites and to make it in these highly competitive times, you need to have your game together in every respect. Unless you have stumbled on a revolutionary product, you will have competition and you need to thoroughly research the market leaders and use the findings as a benchmark. Here are a few tips to help you launch a successful business venture in e-commerce.

  • SEO – Search engine optimisation is critical, as this helps Google to notice your platform; a leading SEO agency such as can really boost your Google search rankings and that will drive traffic to your site. This needs to be an ongoing service, in order to maintain the high ranking, which is a cost-effective strategy to drive users to your platform.
  • The User Experience (UX) – If you concentrate on improving the UX, this will encourage repeat orders; your website should be very responsive, with fast loading pages, plus it should be easy to navigate and have a variety of secure payment options, with easy-payment finance. The entire digital purchasing experience should be smooth and uneventful and the goods must arrive in good time.
  • Outsource Logistics – This is critical with regard to customer service and the best way to guarantee rapid delivery is to outsource picking, packing and delivery to a third-party logistics company. If there are any issues regarding logistics, this is not good for business, so it is best to leave all logistics to the professional, who has the resources to handle high volumes of orders.
  • Online Chat – You can use a call centre to monitor customer chat and the remotely located staff are fully briefed on your business, ensuring great customer service in real time. Have a FAQ page on your website, but the chat window is a 24/7 way for a potential customer to make an enquiry and that will make a difference. The staff can handle multiple enquiries at the same time and messages can be passed to you or a manager.

Of course, prior to launching the website, you should have put together a comprehensive business plan that covered digital marketing, logistics and structure and you need to be flexible with your digital marketing, analysing what is working and what is not. If you also outsource your web administration, that gives you time to research new products and improving the UX.


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