Why ISO Certification?

The International Organisation for Standardisation is an agency that offers voluntary certification to prove to the world and your customers that your business is operating at the highest quality of standards.

Customer Satisfaction

ISO 9000 certifications provide proof that your organisation is committed to providing stellar customer service and high-quality products and services. To do so, the training for the certification outlines a framework for continual improvement and exorbitant growth.

Once you have quality management practices in place, it’s easier to ensure quality and consistency in production. Producing a standardised, quality product means that customer satisfaction will follow.

Environmental Management

ISO 14001 certifications certify that your business is doing its best to reduce its carbon footprint.

This ISO training and certification analyses your business and its fathering industry’s environmental impact.

Then, it outlines ways that you can reduce and improve your impact on the environment. This could include reducing waste in packaging, investigating sustainable means of production, and ensuring reduction of environmental harm across the board.

This standard is becoming more and more important to consumers, with 40% of buyers reporting that they will not support a business that recklessly endangers the environment. Having this certification shows your stakeholders that your business cares about what consumers think, and that you are thinking about the future.

Occupational Health

In every country, there are governing bodies that set standards for employers to uphold to create a safe environment for their employees. The ISO 45001 certification goes beyond your country or province’s standards.

This certification lets potential and current employees know that you care about what happens to them on the job. Industries where danger is ever present aren’t the only ones that should worry about occupational safety. Organisations that complete most of their work in a quiet office setting are still subject to injuries.

To offset the risk to employees, these standards make employers look inward to analyse what can pose a threat to their employees and eliminate or reduce the risks identified.

Digital Security

As we hurdle into a technology-only age, hacks and information compromises are becoming more and more commonplace. ISO 27001 teaches your business the best ways to keep customer and insider information safe.

Online business and shopping is booming, and customers want to know that their card or bank details are secure with you. Having this certification proves to customers and everyone else that you are dedicated to keeping information under lock and key.


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