Tips for Seamless Integration of Direct Mail and Email Marketing Strategies 

Businesses are so focused on chasing online marketing campaign that the significance of offline marketing is overlooked. The open rates of emails are lower than those with direct mails so many B2B marketers integrate both the marketing channels. You can create a unified marketing effort that reaches both offline and online users, thus offer the best possible results.

The mailing lists for sale can be accessed on the internet, which can help you drive more business from your direct mail strategy.

Tips for seamless integration of direct mail and email marketing 

Keep consistent branding

Use the direct mailer and email marketing in tandem to ensure your material displays consistent branding. It means including the same color theme, CTA, tagline, and iconography for both channels. The audience after receiving the first form of contact must be able to identify your brand when a follow up direct mail postcard falls in their hand.

Thus, brand awareness and trust get nurtured, which influences the audiences to interact. This could not be possible if the first and follow up mails were inconsistent. The follow up direct mail must have some of the elements similar to the first contact point. It can include map iconography, color scheme, and font. Consistent branding can be phenomenal for your campaign.

Rotate your campaign properly

You may be staggering your automated email reprocesses, so that receivers don’t perceive your brand as spam. When you bit the receiver with three emails quickly it will frustrate them. Therefore, rotate your online email and direct mail, so that the receivers get time to digest the content before they get a follow-up.

Stagger offline direct mails or online emails properly. For example, if your marketing aim is for brand recognition and sales conversion then offer prospects a chance to get familiar with your business. Therefore, the first letter must be informational and later the follow up will include strong CTA.

If your campaign was to invite receivers to the free forum then the spread of direct mail postcards has to be few days apart. Initially, the receiver may not be interested but with a couple of follow-ups they can end up participating. Direct mail marketing helps to create a legitimate and trusted brand.

Use landing pages

With an online email campaign, you can bring receivers to a topic-specific well-designed landing page. It means with email marketing you have a contact point, which is impossible with direct mail. Yet, with an online business, the branding message in the offline direct mail can include an online touch-point or the landing page link. Create a visually appealing landing page for offline users to communicate with your business.

Combining both channels has revealed to get a 25% response rate, which is great results!


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